Medium Rusty Vanilla


The Medium Rusty Vanilla server is a Max 125 player server hosted in a Data Center in NYC. Running Cent OS and with multiple tier 1 connections.

What this means for players is a low Ping time, fast loading and no lag.

Being Vanilla means this is how Rust was meant to be played.

Features are,

  • 125 Population
  • All Monuments, i.e. Launch Site, Air Field, Power, Water, Train, Military Tunnels, etc.
  • Bi-Weekly Wipe For Map,  and Map and BP Wipe on  the first Thursday of the month.
  • 4K Map Size.
  • Active Admins.
  • Please try to be friendly to new players.


  • No Racism/Anti-Semitism, Racism/Anti-Semitism is not tolerated and will land you an immediate ban. Don’t do it. This includes voice chat, text chat, team chat, discord, and in-game deplorables. No Homophobia Medium Rusty is open for all to enjoy regardless of sexual orientation or preference. Targeting this group with hate speech will not be tolerated. No Toxic Players While Rust can sometimes get emotional, try to keep it friendly. Good Sportsmanship isn’t required, but please keep in mind that Medium Rusty is meant to be new player friendly.

While this is a full on Vanilla server we are Friendly to new players, but Rust is Rust!

We will strive to help, but be prepared to experience the full game with it’s up’s and downs!