Medium Rusty Solo/Duo


The Medium Rusty Solo/Duo server is a Max 60 player server hosted in a Data Center in NYC. Running Cent OS and with multiple tier 1 connections.

What this means for players is a low Ping time, fast loading and no lag.

While the Server is Vanilla means this is how Rust was meant to be played. it is limited to Solo and Duo players.

Features are,

  • 60 Population, Geared To New to Intermediate players,¬†
  • Noob Friendly. “More About This Later”
  • All Monuments, i.e. Launch Site, Air Field, Power, Water, Train, Military Tunnels, etc.
  • Bi Weekly Map Wipe and A full¬† wipe on the first Thursday of the month, this includes blue prints and map.
  • 4K Map Size
  • Active Admins


  • Only 2 players may be in a group.
  • You must stick to this 2 player group and you may NOT trade out members of this group.
  • You may only have your due asleep in one base.
  • You may only have your duo roaming the map together.
  • You may only have your duo performing or defending a raid.
  • You may only have your duo along for monument trips/Oil Rig/Cargo, etc.

  • Trading between players is allowed, however it must be done within Outpost or Bandit Camp safe areas. No exceptions.

    If you want to leave something for the next player such as leaving low grade cooking in the refinery at airfield for anybody to grab, that’s fine. No direct trades though should take place on the map except where allowed.

    You are not allowed to be caught with any player outside of your duo. If you find another player at a monument and do not want to engage with them in PVP, leave the monument. The only exception to this rule is being within Outpost or Bandit Camp boundaries.

    You may remain neutral, as in you don’t have to fight every player you encounter, however you may not team up with anyone other than your duo.

  • Griefing a raided base including TC wipe raiding, code raiding, or taking over other players bases are not allowed. If you do not agree with this limitation, please play on the other server. Not the noob friendly one.

Clarification on The Griefing Rule (Solo/Duo Server only): You may not Grief a Base Griefing a base means locking out, walling out, or otherwise preventing the original base owner from returning/fixing the base after the conclusion of a raid. You can take over a TC for a raid. However once the raid is concluded, win lose or draw, you must leave it unlocked or give the codes to the base owner so they can have the base back. In the event that a raider wishes to transfer goods from the raided base back to their own, they may leave the base locked for a maximum of 30 minuets for online raids. In the case of an offline raid, The base may remain locked until one hour after the base owner reports the base griefed. DO NOT leave bases locked after transferring goods and DO NOT delay transfer of goods. If a base owner reports a griefed base and the raider is no longer online after an hour the raider is subject to a ban.

No Racism/Anti-Semitism Racism/Anti-Semitism is not tolerated and will land you an immediate ban. Don’t do it. This includes voice chat, text chat, team chat, discord, and in-game deplorables. No Homophobia Medium Rusty is open for all to enjoy regardless of sexual orientation or preference. Targeting this group with hate speech will not be tolerated. No Toxic Players, While Rust can sometimes get emotional, try to keep it friendly. Good Sportsmanship isn’t required, but please keep in mind that Medium Rusty is meant to be new player friendly.

While this is a full on Vanilla server we are Friendly to new players, but Rust is Rust!

We will strive to help, but be prepared to experience the full game with it’s up’s and downs!