Rust Monument Guide – Military Tunnels – Run-Through #1

The guide for Military Tunnels is finally here! Sorry that is not like my other guides, but it is still very helpful! Sorry for taking forever to get this out to you guys. I decided with a monument like this I am going to make multiple run-throughs (so multiple videos). Thank you for watching and being patient!

How To Do Dome

Dome Monument Loot & Climbing Guide | Rust Tutorial

The Dome Monument within rust contains a central building surrounded by 3 silos and two metal sheds. The dome contains a wealth of military crates and basic crates while dealing a low amount of radiation. Climbing the dome is a risky but rewarding endeavour so make sure to bring medical supplies and a basic understanding of the layout for the dome.

How To Do Airfield

Airfield Monument Loot & Puzzle Guide | Rust Tutorial

The Airfield Monument within rust contains multiple hangers, watchtowers, and a central office building filled with loot, utilities, and the start of the key card puzzle system. The airfield additionally features a large underground tunnel system with a mine-shaft and a puzzle room found inside.

New to Rust? – How to Successfully Solo, Start to Finish | Rust Guide 2019/2020

New to Rust? Don’t have friends? This is the perfect starter pack for you! You learn about what servers to choose, a good way to start, build and advance into end game. There is a lot to take note

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